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Monday, 5 May 2014

Request to help a rural area Government High School in Mardan

An Email from the Principal of a Govt School

Dear All

I request all the donors, NGOs, Philanthropists and all those who have a soft corner in their hearts for education and consider education essential for the uplift of a society to help (only in kind) Government High School Gaddar Mardan and help the children of have nots to get access to somewhat good education. You may help in all or one of the following areas;

1. Build a classroom

2. Build washrooms

3. Establish computer labs

4. Establish Science Lab

5. Establish Library

6. Provide sports equipment

7. Provide Classroom furniture

8. Provide ceiling fans

9. Provide electric water coolers

10. Repair old furniture

11. Provide furniture for teachers staff room

12. Provide computers

13. Provide printer/s

14. Provide scanner/s

15. Water treatment plant/s

16. Provide tablet/s to teachers and students,

17. etc

This is a very important matter. Take it seriously, plz. You may visit the school personally if you like. We don't prefer cash but need it in kind. The school total strength is 700/-. It has eighteen (18) teachers and is from class 6th to 10th. It has been upgraded to higher secondary level and will be starting first year classes (11th) from next academic year. It is basically a rural area school and very deprived. Your generosity will be remembered for ever by the students, their parents and the local community.


Ashraf Ali



Government High School Gaddar

Mardan Khyberpakhtunkhwa
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