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Saturday, 8 February 2014

Aerial Firing – Violent Celebrations

hawai firing
Aerial firing is an idiotic & dangerous act, yet experienced quite often here in Pakistan.

Why do they do it?
  • Well for one, Show off! Shooters believe this way they are looking cooler, dashing & impressive. For them, it is something that attracts attention and respect. Many people do consider this show off as an enjoyment. Those usually does not belong to a literate class.
  • This is used to express their might and dominance.  By such act they are sending message “Let’s play” to certain people, group of people based on caste, tribe, controversy or cause etc. Or this can be an attempt to upset their adversaries. Well that works if you ask me, they do get upset, jealous and angry on this and they too start doing same thing. This can lead to anything which is certainly not so peaceful.
  • To spread harassment and terror among innocent civilians, to prevail some evil cause I suppose.
  • People do that check functionality of their weapons, Just to make sure the damn thing works. You may not believe but maybe some 5% of gun owners would go to guns clubs or ranges to test their weapons or shoot for fun. The rest considers sky the target. Gun clubs and shooting ranges are not a common thing around here and I hear they are expensive too.
How do they do it?
On certain occasions including but not limited to weddings, basant, shab-e-barat, wins of any kind or rivalry collisions. Men gather on one spot and start discharging their weapons of course towards sky. More shooters means more fun and dominance. Peoples will gather around them and praise the best shooters. Since most of them have no idea what SOP of a firearm is the name of what sparrow, They do everything in highly unprofessional and quite funny attitudes. Thus meanwhile (that happens often) a shooter blows somebody’s head with an accidental shot. Whole party ends because of dead/injured guy. Google it and see for your self.
At one moment they are hooting, challenging, singing while shooting their weapons.
Suddenly next moment, they are holding their beloved cousin, brother or friend in their arms saying last prayers for the dead on very same spot. How odd.
Also as these shootings occur,  Grown ups and kids do gather around them or lean their heads from their rooftops to get amusement. Sometimes one of those too becomes bulls eye. In such cases usually shooter escape from crime scene. On top of that, such individuals can be drunk too as that is also a “fun thing” during celebrations. So there is nothing safe nearby this playground. Avoid going near them at all times.
To test fire,  Individuals usually go to rooftops of backyards to check their weapons. Not to mention the panic and scare that produces for the neighbourhood. Children nearby start crying and people rush around to find out who is killed. Though it is very common so neighbourhood does not go paranoid but children still do cry and get scared.
I visited a friend not long ago. We were having a walk on his crops land. He was carrying a 7mm bolt action rilfe ( long range shooter). During our conversation as I inquired him about this rifle saying..
“I think you are quite fond of bolt action” I said.
“This weapon was built 50 years ago, My father inherited this from my grandfather and now this is inherited to me. It has a very smooth function. Let me show you”
Next moment he very quickly shoots 4 rounds while walking. Shooting angle was shocking 15 degree straight ahead. You can imagine it as if a person shoots at a target 3 meters high on 10 meters distance. I know that’s insane. He turned back and looked at me for approval for weapons quick functionality.But  I was looking straight ahead where I could clearly see houses and streets of a small village maybe a kilometer distance.  Trajectory was set directly in middle of that village.
“Those projectiles are definitely going to land there somewhere packing a deadly punch” I thought.
I didn’t argue with him as it was a waste of words. I like to think, most of such shooters think since the weapon only makes bang and projectile is unseen. Its untouched too. It is not going to hit anybody or anything with destructive force. At least they behave like that. My friend was no exception.
Should they do it? well, me going against this is not going to change shit. Never. But still I want to say this is very dangerous. Innocent people suffer serious injuries or death. This causes disturbance for others. Not to mention this is fairly stupid thing quite frankly. Oh and did I mention this is crime according to Pakistan Penal Code’s section 337-H(ii) ? Because it is! Shooter will face charged and prosecution.
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