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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Who will suffer consequences of Military Option?

Who will suffer consequences of Military Option?

After serious allegations of using large-scale chemicals weapons on civilians in Syria by Syrian forces, the US and its allies are thinking over using military option in Syria to uproot Bashar al-Assad regime. However, the real dilemma is how could it be turned into reality in circumstances where it’s now exceedingly difficult for the US forces to militarily intervene in Syria.

Despite a prolong war in Syria, the US and Western countries have virtually failed in seeking a concrete support from Syrian people and are solely depending upon an ineffective opposition. While some unknown militant groups supported and aided by US and Arab monarchies are functioning for their own specific interests, some other terrorists groups gathered in Syria, looking for their own “interests” and “opportunities”.

All these oppositions are termed as “activists”, who are showing footages and photos of unconscious children, people foaming around the mouth and doctors apparently giving them oxygen to help them breathe. As this goes allegedly against Bashar al-Assad so it has triggered disgust around the world.
Its a part of a Blog written by Syed Shahzad Alam in The News Blog.
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