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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Meet beyond EEET in Sharif – Obama Meeting

Meet beyond EEET in Sharif – Obama Meeting

Economy, Energy, Education and Terrorism , three Es and a T (EEET)  were the  main areas of focus from  the  Pakistan’s side when Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif met with president Obama on Wednesday, but  the meat (essence ) of the meeting remains hidden elsewhere.  There may be differing views about prioritization of agenda points and achieving objectives of  this meeting but Pakistan seems to have achieved few  very subtle and  important outcomes , though  less visible and less talked about, may be , they are  : a trend in Pakistani media of   more balanced analysis of bilateral relations and realistic assessment of  contours of Pak- US relations : secondly  realization on Pakistan’s side  to come out of denial mode as Prime Minister accepted the need to put our  own house in order first ; thirdly  repositioning  of communications as Prime minister shared more  truth and told much more about what was discussed during the meeting by  going way beyond  usual stereotype statements like  “ both sides discussed  matters of  mutual interest and bilateral co- operation ……..”  and also Pakistan taking up and talking about vital issues like Kashmir  in a face to face meeting.

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