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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Fwd: Dunya TV

Dunya TV

PM summons cabinet meeting today


ISLAMABAD (Dunya News): Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has summoned an emergency meeting of the federal cabinet today (Monday).According to sources, the Prime Minister will be briefed by the Foreign Office officials in the meeting about prevailing internal security situation arising after the death of TTP chief Hakimullah Mehsud in a US drone strike.Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan will brief the cabinet about the prevailing internal security situation.The meeting will also assess the security concerns in the wake of death of Hakimullah Mehsud.The Prime Minister will also attend the parliament session and meet government and opposition leaders and will also take the Parliament into confidence regarding government stance on security concerns.Nawaz Sharif will also hold meeting with Army chief Ashfaq Pervez Kayani.

Drone attacks: Opposition parties meet today to adopt joint strategy


ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) - Leader of the opposition in National Assembly Syed Khurshid Shah contacted PTI deputy parliamentary leader Makhdoom Shah Mehmood Qureshi, MQM leader Farooq Sattar and other opposition leaders to urge them to adopt joint strategy against drone attacks.Khurshid Shah asked the opposition parties to put pressure on federal government to take concrete step to halt drone attacks. The meeting of the opposition parties will be held at the Parliament House today to adopt a joint strategy on the issue.

PTI will compel Centre to halt NATO supply: Hashmi


ISLAMABAD (Online): President Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), Javed Hashmi has said that PTI would force the federal government to support blockage of trucks carrying supplies of coalition forces into Afghanistan.Talking to journalists here on Sunday, Hashmi stated that his party has decided to cut NATO supply lines in the province.Earlier, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif held a meeting and ruled out blocking of NATO supply lines by saying that blocking the supply of allied forces would not halt the drone strikes.According to reports, Prime Minister Sharif said that the federal government would continue to use diplomatic channels to end the predator strikes.

Taliban chief lived in US$120,000 farmhouse


MIRANSHAH (AFP) - With marble floors, lush green lawns and a towering minaret, the US$120,000 farm where feared Pakistani Taliban leader Hakimullah Mehsud died in a US drone strike was no grubby mountain cave.Mehsud spent his days skipping around Pakistans rugged tribal areas to avoid the attentions of US drones. But his family, including two wives, had the use of an eight-roomed farmhouse set amid lawns and orchards growing apples, oranges, grapes and pomegranates.As well as the single-storey house, the compound in Dandey Darpakhel village, five kilometres (three miles) north of Miranshah, was adorned with a tall minaret -- purely for decorative purposes.Sources said the property in the North Waziristan tribal area was bought for Mehsud nearly a year ago for US$120,000 -- a huge sum by Pakistani standards -- by close aide Latif Mehsud, who was captured by the US in Afghanistan last month.An AFP journalist visited the property several times when the previous owner, a wealthy landlord, lived there.With the Pakistan army headquarters for restive North Waziristan just a kilometre away, locals thought of Mehsuds compound as the safest place in a dangerous area.Its proximity to a major military base recalls the hideout of Osama bin Laden in the town of Abbottabad, on the doorstep of Pakistans elite military academy.I saw a convoy of vehicles two or three times in this street but I never thought Hakimullah would have been living here. It was the safest place for us before this strike, local shopkeeper Akhter Khan told AFP.This illusion of safety was shattered on Friday when a US drone fired at least two missiles at Mehsuds vehicle as it stood at the compound gate waiting to enter, killing the Pakistani Taliban chief and four cadres.The area around Dandey Darpakhel is known as a hub for the Haqqani network, a militant faction blamed for some of the most high-profile attacks in Afghanistan in recent years.Many left the area during the Talibans rule in Afghanistan, coming back after the US-led invasion following the 9/11 attacks.Samiullah Wazir, a shopkeeper in the area, told AFP he would regularly see a convoy of four or five SUVs with blacked-out windows leave the compound early in the morning and return after sunset.We thought that somebody very important must be living in this house, Wazir said.One day, I saw a man wearing a white shawl entering the house and I thought he looked like Hakimullah, but I thought How can he live here because he could be easily hit by a drone strike?But Hakimullah it was and on Friday he returned to his compound for the final time.We were closing the shop when his vehicle came and was about to enter the house when a missile struck it, Wazir said.

Kerry lands in Saudi to ease tension over Syria, Iran


RIYADH (AFP) - Secretary of State John Kerry arrived in Saudi Arabia Sunday hoping to repair ties with Americas longstanding ally, which have frayed over the Syrian conflict and US outreach to Iran.The top US diplomat was already on the second stop of an 11-day trip which has become an exercise in damage control, as the regional turbulence unleashed by the Arab Spring stirs tensions with longtime US partners.Saudi Arabia, locked in a decades-long rivalry with Iran, is concerned that proposed Syrian peace talks could leave a Tehran-backed regime in Damascus and that a breakthrough in nuclear negotiations could lead to a US rapprochement with Iran.The conservative oil-rich kingdom has grown increasingly nervous over the past two years as popular revolts have toppled onetime allies in Egypt, Tunisia and Yemen and spread turmoil across the region.In an unprecedented move last month, Saudi turned down a coveted non-permanent seat on the UN Security Council in protest at the world bodys failure to end the war in Syria, which has left over 120,000 people dead.Earlier Sunday in Cairo, Kerry acknowledged that while there might be differences over tactics in ending the Syrian conflict, the end goal for the United States and its allies was the same -- a transition of power.Riyadh, one of the main backers of the Syrian opposition, was reportedly angered when US President Barack Obama last month put on hold threatened military strikes against Syrian President Bashar al-Assads regime.While acknowledging that some countries wanted the United States to act differently on Syria, Kerry insisted that differences on individual tactics on policy do not mean a difference on (the) fundamental goal of the policy.We all share the same goal ... that is the salvation of the state of Syria and a transition government put in place ... that can give the people of Syria the opportunity to choose their future, Kerry said during a press conference with Egyptian foreign minister Nabil Fahmy.Kerry also said the US would stick with its friends as they navigate the turmoil unleashed by the Arab Spring, which has led to the rise of powerful new extremist groups in Libya and Syria.We will be there for Saudi Arabia, for the Emirates, for Qataris, for the Jordanians, for the Egyptians and others. We will not allow those countries to be attacked from outside. We will stand with them, he told reporters.

Arab League to press Syria opposition over peace talks


CAIRO (AFP) - Arab League foreign ministers gathered in Cairo on Sunday to push the Syrian opposition to attend the proposed Geneva II peace conference.Arab League chief Nabil al-Arabi said in comments broadcast live on Egyptian state television that the extraordinary meeting of the ministers aimed to encourage the Syrian opposition to attend the Geneva II talks, which are backed by the United States and Russia.The minsters are asked today to provide all the support to the (opposition Syrian) National Coalition in order to encourage it to participate in Geneva II, Arabi said.Syrias opposition has refused to attend unless President Bashar al-Assads resignation is on the table -- a demand rejected by Damascus.Some rebel groups fighting the Syrian regime have also warned that participants would be considered traitors.Qatari Foreign Minister Khaled al-Attiyah welcomed the proposed talks, but appealed to his Arab League counterparts to reach a common position concerning the negotiation process so that the Syrian regime will not be given another chance to play with the blood of the Syrian people.UN-Arab League envoy to Syria Lakhdar Brahimi has said that Geneva II would not be possible without the participation of the Syrian opposition.Brahimi met Assad on Wednesday and said the Syrian government had agreed to take part in the talks and that the opposition was trying to find a way to be represented.The Syrian National Coalition has said it plans to meet on November 9 to decide whether to attend, but the Syrian National Council, a key member of the bloc, has threatened to quit if it does so.Meanwhile, the head of the National Coalition, Ahmed al-Jarba, urged the League to take a clear decision on the delivery of weapons to the Syrian rebels, adding we are ready to provide all the guarantees that they would not fall into wrong hands.Several countries have expressed fears that jihadists have seized weapons intended for rebels fighting Assads forces.The Syrian conflict has killed more than 120,000 people since it broke out in March 2011, according to watchdog Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

Solar eclipse sweeps Africa, Europe and US


NAIROBI (AFP) - Africans were treated Sunday to a spectacular solar eclipse that swept across the continent, while sky-gazers in the United States and Europe also glimpsed the rare phenomenon.A total eclipse could be seen over parts of Africa and one of the best views was in northern Kenyas Sibiloi national park, where a few hundred tourists gathered on the edge of the desert lake Turkana.Alongside the tourists were colourfully dressed Kenyans from the Turkana, Rendile and Dasanach tribes, many draped in beads, who cheered as the sky darkened.But dramatic weather almost spoilt the show, with sandstorms, rain, a rainbow and heavy cloud all minutes before the eclipse, an AFP photographer said.Some tourists, fearing they would miss the sight, jetted off at the last minute, seeking a clearer spot on other side of lake.In the end the eclipse, which lasted about 10 seconds in Kenya, was partially obscured by cloud.Sky-gazers in Gabon, Congo, Uganda and Ethiopia were also treated to the total eclipse.I saw a black disc progressively cover the sun. Its magnificent, said Clarence Diledou, who lives of Gabons port town of Port-Gentil.But unfortunately the bad weather spoiled the party a bit.The west African nation got peak viewing of the total eclipse as it swept over a path nearly 60 kilometres (37 miles) wide.In Port-Gentil, families gathered together for the occasion along the sea front, facing the sun.Like many in the town, Diledou used special glasses distributed by authorities to watch the rare event.Those who did not have any came up with imaginative solutions, among them Pauline Koumba, who put a bowl of water in her courtyard and watched the reflected eclipse.I saw the brief passage of the eclipse in my bowl. But it was over quickly and the black clouds spoiled the effect, she said.Families also gathered in Gabons capital Libreville, where the eclipse was less spectacular, but where the skies darkened noticeably for about half an hour from 1330 GMT.In the eastern United States, viewers caught sight of a partial eclipse lasting 45 minutes close to sunrise.Partial views were also available in southern European countries Spain, Italy, Greece, and also in Iraq.The round shape of the Earth explains why viewers in Africa saw a total eclipse, while those in the United States and Europe only saw the sun partly obscured.Experts say a safe way to view an eclipse is by making a pinhole camera -- piercing a tiny hole in a piece of paper then turning your back to the sun and using the pierced page to project the image of the sun on another sheet of paper.

Israeli drone crashes inside Gaza Strip


JERUSALEM (AP) - An unmanned Israeli surveillance aircraft crashed in the Gaza Strip on Sunday after experiencing a technical malfunction, the military said.The military said it was investigating what caused the Skylark drone to go down.Israel uses drones to gather intelligence on militant activity in Gaza. The territory is governed by the Hamas militant group, and several other armed groups also operate there.In a statement, Hamas said it had seized the aircraft. It gave no further details and did not provide any photos.The army would not say whether any secrets or technology had slipped into Hamas hands. Military officials though said the Skylark has safeguards to prevent disclosure of information to unauthorized personnel. They spoke on condition of anonymity in line with security protocol.

Attack on Nigerian wedding convoy leaves 30 dead


MAIDUGURI (AFP) - Gunmen have attacked a wedding convoy in Nigerias northeastern state of Borno, killing more than 30 people including the groom in a suspected ambush, witnesses and survivors said Sunday.The attack took place Saturday on the notorious Bama-Banki road when the wedding revellers, including friends and relatives of the groom, were returning to the state capital Maiduguri after the ceremony in Michika, in nearby Adamawa State, they said.It was a gory scene, said Kyari Buba, a driver, adding that he had seen more than 30 dead bodies on the side of the road following the attack.I was in the middle of the convoy when the gunmen attacked and I was able to stop the vehicle in time to open the door and run into the bush along with the people I was with, he said.When we returned long after the gunmen were gone we met a gory scene with more than 30 people shot dead or slaughtered, he told AFP.All the victims were brutally murdered by the attackers, he said, describing his shock at the sight of the bodies.A survivor and friend of the groom, Japhet Haruna, 36, recounted his escape from the assailants.I wonder how I and few other people survived the onslaught because it was well coordinated. I was in the fifth vehicle in the convoy and when I realised that the attackers were out to kill, I ran into the bush, he said.I believe it is God that saved me and (a) few others from their bullets. They targeted everybody in the convoy -- Muslims, Christians and children, said Haruna, adding that the escape was miraculous.Haruna said there were about 50 people in the convoy and that he suspected Boko Haram for the attack.The fate of the bride and her family members was still unknown.An army spokesman in the region said in a statement late Sunday: The report received from our troops indicated that some terrorists attacked a bus at Bulakuri village and killed five persons.The bodies were taken to Bama, Captain Muhammad Dole added in the statement.Violent attacks are not uncommon in northeastern Nigeria, where the army launched an offensive in May to end a deadly insurgency by Boko Haram Islamists.Boko Haram has said it is fighting to create an Islamic state but the group is believed to be made up of different factions with varying aims.A string of attacks in recent months has cast doubt on the success of the militarys campaign. Some of the violence has targeted vigilante groups which have formed to help the military.

Djokovic beats Ferrer in Paris Masters final


PARIS (AP) - Novak Djokovic won the last four games in each set to beat defending champion David Ferrer 7-5, 7-5 Sunday in the final of the Paris Masters.The second-seeded Serb won his 17th straight match to capture his sixth title this season and the 40th of his career.Summer was up and down, Djokovic said, and now again Im playing on a very high level and have lots of confidence in myself, in my game. Im at a good spot at this moment.Ferrer led 5-3 in each set, but Djokovic came back both times and clinched the victory when the Spaniard sent a forehand into the net.Djokovic, who still has a slim chance to finish the season ahead of No. 1 Rafael Nadal in the rankings, hit 34 winners to 15 for Ferrer and won 15 of 18 net points.Ferrer upset Nadal in Saturdays semifinals, while Djokovic rallied from a set and a break down to beat Roger Federer.Ferrer troubled Djokovic early in the match with his deep groundstrokes, and hit a backhand drop shot to break for a 3-2 lead. But Djokovic, a 2009 Paris Masters champion, started playing more aggressively, and broke back in the 10th game with a forehand winner down the line.The Australian Open champion went a set up when Ferrers forehand sailed long.The opening four or five games went really the distance, and he was the better player, Djokovic said. He was taking the ball and running me around the court. Physically I didnt feel as good today, but in the important points, in the important moments, I managed to overcome the challenge. I managed to play the right shots.Djokovic dropped his serve in the opening game of the second set and then needed to hit two straight forehand winners to save two break points at 2-0.Despite numerous backhand errors, Djokovic kept the pressure on Ferrer, who again failed to serve out the set at 5-4.Djokovic capitalized on a long forehand from the Spaniard to break back before hitting an ace for a 6-5 lead.With Nole, if I dont take my chance, its impossible to beat him, Ferrer said. In the important moments hes better than me.Djokovic improved to 11-5 against Ferrer, who was looking to become the first player to win back-to-back Paris Masters titles.Nadal unseated Djokovic atop the rankings by reaching the final of the China Open last month. The Spaniard had the longest winning streak this year with 22 victories in a row from April to June and also from August to October.

Halep wins Tournament of Champions final


SOFIA (AFP) - Top-seeded Romanian Simona Halep defeated fourth-seeded Australian Samantha Stosur 2-6, 6-2, 6-2 to clinch the season-ending Tournament of Champions on Sunday for her sixth title of the season.Halep, 22, won $270,000 for her title and is now projected to rise from No.14 to No.11 on the new rankings.I played really well this week. I want to thank everybody who came here to support me. They helped me a lot, Halep said, cheered by a large crowd of Romanians who travelled to Sofia, including legendary 1970s tennis player Ilie Nastase.I had some problems with my leg but I wanted so much to win this match and this tournament that now Im just happy. I hope to play next year like this year.Stosur explained: It was a tough match today. I was trying very hard but today she was just too good.An aggressive Stosur managed to break Haleps serve early in the first set to take a 3-0 lead.Halep, who struggled with a leg injury and a much lower first serve percentage, managed to hold her next service game, but she failed to convert two break points in the fifth game to let Stosur hold serve.Both wrapped up their next two service games to love in no time.But Halep let the Australian convert a break point in the eighth game by making a double fault and lost the set.The Romanian broke Stosur in the third game of the second set but then lost her own service game.In a topsy-turvy set, an unsettled Stosur was broken again in the fifth game.Halep held her next service game to love, broke Stosur again in the seventh game and took the set 6-2.Both started well in the decider before Stosur lost concentration and let the versatile Halep break her serve twice in the fifth and seventh game to take the set 6-2 and the match.

Everton, Spurs draw 0-0 in Premier League


LIVERPOOL (AP) - Everton and Tottenham missed a chance to go second in the Premier League by drawing 0-0 in a match that failed to live up to expectations at Goodison Park on Sunday.Spurs dominated the first half but failed to seriously test Everton goalkeeper Tim Howard, who made comfortable saves from Kyle Walker and Andros Townsend.The home side came back into it after the break, with striker Romelu Lukaku going close with a diving header, but Spurs kept a seventh clean sheet in 10 league matches.With Chelsea and Liverpool both losing on Saturday, a win would have pushed either team up to second place behind Arsenal. Instead, Tottenham jumped two places to fourth and Everton stayed seventh.There was concern for Tottenham goalkeeper Hugo Lloris late on when he was knocked unconscious after his head collided with the knee of Lukaku in the 77th minute. After a lengthy spell of treatment, it looked like Lloris was about to be substituted but the France captain chose to play on.Hugo still doesnt remember the incident with Lukaku so he lost consciousness there but he seemed assertive and determined to continue and showed great character and personality. We decided to keep him on based on that, Tottenham manager Andre Villas-Boas said.It was a big knock but he looked composed and ready to continue on. The call always belongs to me. Brad (Friedel) was ready to come in but, the person Hugo is, there were enough signs for him to continue.

Athletics: Mutai, Jeptoo win New York Marathon titles


NEW YORK CITY (AFP) - Kenyans Geoffrey Mutai and Priscah Jeptoo won New York City Marathon titles Sunday as elite runners returned to the Big Apple a year after Hurricane Sandy wiped out the race and seven months after the Boston Marathon bombings.Mutai, who also won the 2011 New York crown, captured the mens title in an unofficial time of 2hrs 8mins, 23secs while Jeptoo, the reigning London Marathon champion who finished second at last years London Olympics, came from behind to win in an unofficial time of 2:25.07.The 43rd edition of the 26.2-mile (42.2km) showdown included more than 48,000 runners from 115 nations competing in cool and windy conditions for a $100,000 top prize with a backdrop of tightened security in the wake of twin tragedies.Three people were killed by bombs planted near the finish line of the Boston Marathon last April, making Boston Strong a catchphrase to inspire comebacks, including a World Series baseball crown for a Boston Red Sox club that was last in its division in 2012.What occurred in Boston has made this race even more important to participants, said retired tennis star John McEnroe, who lives near the finish line.Nearly 100 people died in flooding and devastating property damage caused in the New York area last year by Hurricane Sandy, which forced the race to be cancelled.We run for the spirit of New York and Boston, said race chief executive Mary Wittenberg. We run united.Many runners turned into relief supply deliverers to people who lost homes and electricity.Were here to say keep your hope up when the struggles start, said American Meb Keflezighi, the 2009 winner.Mutai, who set the course record in taking the 2011 title, went to the front of the early lead pack of 20 that was halved as the leaders surged after the first hour and down to eight with about half an hour remaining.Mutai made his move in the 21st mile, breaking the pack apart after one hour and 42 minutes. Countryman Stanley Biwot stayed with him for another mile but then faded and Mutai was never challenged from there to the finish.New York 2011 runner-up Buzunesh Deba and training partner Tigist Tufa, Ethiopians living in New York, raced to the front from the start of the womens race, pulling ahead by two minutes after the first 40 minutes and kept a large lead deep into the event.Kenyas Jeptoo began closing the gap with eight miles remaining in a bid to chase down the leaders.Deba pulled ahead alone with about seven miles to run but charging Jeptoo passed Deba in Central Park with just under two miles remaining and surged quickly to a substantial lead.Russian-born American Tatyana McFadden completed a womens wheelchair marathon grand slam of 2013 major titles by adding New York to a haul that also includes crowns at Boston, London and Chicago.Swiss Marcel Hug won the mens wheelchair race.

Squash: Matthew wins third world title


MANCHESTER (AFP) - Nick Matthew won the World Championship for the third time in four years when he inflicted yet another near miss on Gregory Gaultier by 11-9, 11-9, 11-13, 7-11, 11-2.It was the fourth time the Frenchman had lost in a world final, as he sought to emulate the 2004 achievement of Thierry Lincou, the only Frenchman to have won the world title so far.For Matthew, aged 33, it was a wonderful reward for longevity and persistence, as he is only a few weeks younger than Geoff Hunt, the Australian who became the oldest male world champion when he won his last world title in 1980.I never thought I would see an English crowd as partisan as the French but tonight they were, Matthew said. They really pushed me on.I want to say to Greg -- hes younger than me (30) and his time will come.Gaultier pronounced himself very, very disappointed.He added: I really thought I would win this time and it is very hard to take.It had nevertheless looked as though the prize might be slipping away from the fourth seeded Yorkshireman when Gaultier first saved a match point at 11-10 in the third game and then erupted into his creative best in the fourth.Then when it seemed the world number two would push through to become only the third man to win the world title from two games down, he began to struggle with cramp in the fourth game.Although Gaultier somehow battled through to a decider his movement was almost gone, and Matthew trampled through the fifth game in only seven minutes, with Gaultier unable to chase down the last few balls at all.Gaultier will now be ruing a schedule which put him on last thing the evening every time, making it impossible to get to sleep before 3 am.This was followed by Matthew getting the briefest of semi-finals on Saturday when defending champion Ramy Ashour retired through injury.It was nevertheless a marvellous achievement by the resourceful and disciplined Matthew who acknowledged that Gaultier and Ashour were better than him most of the year, yet still came out on top when it most mattered.It was one of the most dramatic of all the 35 finals, with startling incident after startling incident, and the balance of advantage making many great pendulum swings.Gaultier led 9-6 in the first game and 8-6 in the second, lost both leads as Matthew raised his game, and then lost both games on penalty points as backhand drives rebounded at crazy angles off the front wall too close to his body.He then got lucky with a Matthew lob which was called out when it was clearly in, which gave him a 8-7 lead in the third game, and saved the match point with an outrageous backhand volley into the nick -- the join of the sidewall and the floor -- and rolled dead.There was also an incredible dive by Gaultier which saw him hit the ball while on the floor and win the point, and a recovery from Matthew after Gaultiers head had accidentally connected with his face.The denouement came with Gaultier painfully unable to capitalise on his great comeback and Matthew exulting with a rapturous crowd.I dread to think of the place Gregs in now -- I feel sorry for him, Matthew said. But for me -- I cant imagine anything better than this.

Afridi confident Pakistan can beat South Africa


DUBAI (AFP) - Dashing all-rounder Shahid Afridi on Sunday showed confidence Pakistan can pull off a one-day series win despite the return of Hashim Amla and Dale Steyn in the South African squad for the last three matches.Afridi starred with 3-26 to add to his 20-ball 26 in Pakistans comprehensive 66-run win in the second day-night international in Dubai on Friday which levelled the five-match series at 1-1.Pakistan spurned a golden opportunity to win the first match in Sharjah on Wednesday, going down by one run from a winning position.But Afridi, 33, said the way their bowlers were performing Pakistan can win the series.There is no doubt Amla and Steyn will strengthen South Africa but the way our bowlers are doing, I am sure we can beat South Africa, Afridi told reporters.Amla reteuned to Dubai on Sunday after missing the second Test and the first two one-day games due to the birth of his child back home.Steyn is likely to join the squad in time for the third match in Abu Dhabi on Wednesday after returning home for a rest before the one-day series.The fourth match will also be played in Abu Dhabi on Friday while the fifth and final match will be held in Sharjah on November 11.The teams will also play two Twenty20 internationals in Dubai on November 13 and 15.Besides Afridi, off-spinner Saeed Ajmal took 2-15 and paceman Mohammad Irfan claimed 3-53 in the second match.Afridi brushed aside criticism of failing to guide Pakistan to a win when only 19 runs were needed when he walked into bat in the first match.I got a bad ball which I hit and got out, it could have been a six, said Afridi who made only nine in that match.Its not Afridi versus South Africa, its Pakistan versus South Africa, said Afridi, who so far has 365 wickets in 364 matches.He also has 7,395 runs, including a world record 37-ball hundred made against Sri Lanka in 1996.Afridi said he was enjoying being part of Pakistans squad.I am enjoying the game, said Afridi, who is also a former captain.This current team is a mix of seniors and juniors and I am feeling younger with each passing day, he said.Afridi said he hoped Pakistans batting will click in the remaining matches.The batting needs to be improved, its a matter of applying ourselves, like the way Ahmed Shehzad is playing, so I am sure improvement will come, said Afridi.Shehzad scored 58 each in both the matches.

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