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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

From Glasgow to Pakistan

From Glasgow to Pakistan

I left Pakistan in early 1953, to come to Britain and settled in Glasgow, Scotland. As a university student and as a member of the All India Muslim Students Federation, from 1944 to 1947, I played an active part in the campaign for the creation of Pakistan. Then during 1947 and 1948, I worked for the rehabilitation of Muslim refugees from India. Thus, I witnessed the sacrifices made by the Muslims of both sides to make Pakistan a reality.
Although I have now lived outside Pakistan for sixty years, my heart is still in Pakistan. Hence, the present state of corruption and lawlessness in Pakistan and especially the frequent bomb blasts in the Mosques, roads and streets all over Pakistan hurt me and cause me much grief. However, the recent atrocity committed against the Christian worshippers during their prayers in a Church at Peshawar, made me and many other Muslims living in this country not only hurt but also deeply embarrassed and indeed ashamed. It is also disturbing to notice some occasions when Christians in Pakistan are subjected to harassment, discrimination and even violence. This is because during my long residence in this Christian country I have always found Christians in general and their Church leaders in particular very tolerant and sympathetic towards Muslims living in this country.
We Muslims living in this part of Britain enjoy equal rights with the Christians. We enjoy religious freedom and respect in this country. All the facilities and concessions available to the Christian Churches are equally available to Mosques. For example when in 1976 the Muslim community in Glasgow purchased a two-acre plot of land from Glasgow City Council to build a Mosque, the Council charged half the market price of the land. The Council explained that, as according to their policy 50 percent discount was allowed on the price of land sold for the building of Churches, the Council would apply the same rule for land sold for the building of the Mosques.
Recently, for a plot of land to build a Mosque in Cumbernauld, a town about 15 miles from Glasgow, the local Council charged the same concessionary price it had charged 10 years earlier for land sold for the building of a neighbouring Church. This was in spite of the fact that the price of land had doubled during those 10 years These are just two examples of the equality for all policies of the local governments.
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