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Thursday, 19 September 2013

LRH and its treatment

On12th of September, a poor student, Zahidullah, of a local Madrassah in Charsadda, while riding his bicycle was hit by a heavy truck, breaking his leg down the knee at three different places. He was rushed to the Distt. Headquarters Hospital Charsadda, which, as it does in most cases, referred him to Peshawar public hospitals for medical services.
He could not be provided the required medical services not only in the Charsadda hospital, but also to my surprise, and anger at the most important famous public hospital, Lady Reading Hospital in Peshawar. For approximately 18-24 hours, he was provided the required blood at the LRH, and that too by the relatives of the patients, as blood was continuously oozing out his wounded broken leg but nothing else was done to his broken leg for its x-ray, surgery, bandage, and other required treatment.
The poor relatives, indeed very poor financially, out of fear that in case of further delay in proper treatment, the poor patient might end with a severed leg, the patient was taken to the North-West private medical center, where treatment is affordable by the elite class and by the financially-affordable well-off.
This story of the poor student of a Madrassah has grieved me personally to a great extent. My optimism that the current PTI KP government may bring to track the strayed public institutions is gradually dwindling. The CM KP, the Health Minister, Mr. Shaukat Yousafzai, and the higher authorities of the health department should be taken action on all these heart-saddening health problems of the poor residents of KP.
Mohammad Fayyaz
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