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Sunday, 8 September 2013

Join White Ribbon Campaign at Facebook

Dear Readers,

Join White Ribbon Campaign at Facebook


To stop violence against women, it is not sufficient to create awareness
about women rights among women but it is necessary that men join with women
to encourage norms of consent, respect and gender equality to challenge the
unfair power relations leading to violence and promote gender roles based on
non-violence and gender justice.

White Ribbon Campaign Pakistan is the men's movement for ending violence
against children, girls and women. For this to be achieved, men must become
part of the solution by taking greater responsibility. Not just in altering
their own behavior, but also as role models for younger generation. The aim
is to sensitize men that masculinity can be used in a healthy and positive
direction instead of violence and sexual assaults and improved relationships
can be flourished based on respect for opposite gender.

White Ribbon Campaign Pakistan is working vigorously to eradicate all forms
of violence against women including domestic violence, access to healthcare,
right to education, right to economic empowerment, workplace harassment etc.


White Ribbon Campaign

2/11 - M Gulberg III


Ofc: 042 35883570 - 72 (3 lines)

Fax: 042 35860692
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