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Monday, 9 September 2013

An appeal to DC Charsadda

On 6th of September in the early hours of morning, I went out myself to get a few loaves of bread from the tandoor, whose price was 10 rupees for single loaf, with weight reduced almost to half to the weight of pre-strike period of Nanbais.
This very injustice to the citizens of Charsadda city, not to speak of whole of Charsadda district, under the very nose of the district administration speaks a lot about the carelessness.

After taking from half-reduced loaves of bread for Rs. 10.00 each, I visited a butcher in the Charsadda Chowk, who otherwise enjoys a good reputation amongst the locals of Charsadda for providing good, fresh, and hygienically-appropriate meat, sold me buffalo-meat for 250 rupees per kilo.
When I inquired as to what was the officially-fixed price for the meat from that butcher, he said, \"It is 220 but the choice is mine, and 250 to give you according to your choice.\" I could not argue with him for these people are always armed with their sharpest daggers.
The local administration however has the means of controlling them, and keeping them on the right track. Would the DC of Charsadda take immediate steps to control fleecing of the consumers and implementation prices fixed by the administration
Usman Ghani
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