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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Four killed, dozens injured as KP braves floods

CHARSADDA/PESHAWAR/GILGIT/NOSHEHRA - At least four people, including two children, were killed and more than three dozen others were injured in separate rain-related incidents in various areas of Charsadda district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on Friday.
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Strong wind and heavy rain killed five-year-old Raheela and eight-year-old Mahnoor while 35 others were injured in separate incidents in various areas of Charsadda district.

In Geedarrwan area of Hangu, the roof of a dilapidated house caved in resulting in the deaths of two people, including a minor and left three others injured.

Meanwhile, strong wind blew off roofs of various houses, cattle sheds and uprooted trees due to which five people were injured besides massive property losses.
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The rain and wind gusts also disrupted the power supply and communication links creating difficulties for the dwellers.

Flooding rainwater also washed away lands and some houses situated near the banks.

According to reports, people living near the river banks have started shifting to safer areas over the fear of looming flood.

Around 400 families have been affected due to floods in Jala Bela‚ Bela Niko Khan‚ Mian Gujar and Islamabad Korona villages in Peshawar district.

Standing crops in the area have also been damaged due to flood in Shah Alam and NagumanRivers.

Protective dykes are being strengthened to protect these villages from further flood devastation.

According to Peshawar Flood Cell‚ River Kabul at Warsak and Nowshera is in high flood. PanjkoraRiver at Dir‚ ShahAlamRiver at Takhtabad and NagumanRiver at Charsadda Road are in medium flood whereas SwatRiver at Khawazakhela and Amandara is in low flood. IndusRiver at Tarbela is also in low flood.

Protective dykes at Jamat‚ Dalazak and Garhi Mohkam Shah villages in Charsadda district are being strengthened which were damaged due to diversion of River Kabul.

A part of the road near Kalam has been washed away by the floods due to which traffic to Kalam Bazaar has been suspended. Efforts are underway to restore it.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Pervaiz Khattak has directed the authorities to be ready for any kind of eventuality.
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KP Senior Minister Sikandar Sherpao also visited various areas in Charsadda and directed the local administration to take immediate preventive steps in the wake of possible floods.

Meanwhile, flashfloods in Kargah Nullah have played havoc in several areas of Gilgit, completely destroying over two dozen houses, water channels and the main avenue. Acres of agricultural land have also been completely submerged.

The army has started relief activities and has undertaken construction work on Gilgit-Gadar linked bridge.

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