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Sunday, 19 May 2013

Plea for help to Find Amtul Shafi Siddiqa D/O Qazi Azhar Anwar

Dear Readers,
Assalam O Alaikum
Please have a few minutes to read this very important message, it can help a mother to get her lost daughter back.
Amtul Shafi Siddiqa
My daughter, Amtul Shafi Siddiqa, is missing since the evening of 26th December, 2012. She is mentally challenged and has special needs. She is 25 years old, but from appearance looks no older than a 15 year old. Her mental age is almost 5-6 years.

On the said evening, Shafi and I were coming back home from a relative’s place. On our way back, she started asking me to buy her clothes and thus we stopped near Faqirabad fly over to go to the market underneath the bridge. It is a famous and crowded area of the city. While we were returning home from there, I went ahead to talk to a rickshaw driver and Shafi was almost seven yards behind me. This is where the misfortune began. I am also old and not very active physically as well as mentally and Shafi has problem seeing clearly in the dark, and the place was very crowded. As I was talking to the rickshaw driver, in the meanwhile she crossed me as she couldn’t see me and kept walking forward. As people around soon as I realized that I have lost her, I started running around looking for her. I did everything I could at that time, asking everyone around, went back to the market and asked people there, and when I realized that time is passing by and I don’t seem to find my daughter, I called home and informed them. My family came immediately to the spot and no delay was made in reporting the incident to police too.
When the news spread, a relative of ours reported that he saw Shafi walking underneath the said bridge that evening but had no idea that she is lost.

I must say that despite our constant visits to the police, they hardly took any interest in the matter. They did not make any inquiries, did not carry out any investigation, and did not make any effort to find my daughter. We even approached the high officials of police but nothing was of help.
We belong to middle class and do not have endless means and resources but we made every possible effort to find our daughter. Almost every house in the area where Shafi went missing was approached and asked about her. We printed more than 3000 posters with Shafi’s picture, basic information, and phone numbers of people who can be contacted to provide any information. These posters were distributed all around the city and in surrounding areas too. Despite his weak health, for more than a month my husband used to drive all around the city, announcing about the incident through a loud speaker and asking for help, and pasting posters everywhere. We also looked in all the hospitals, orphanages, shelter houses i.e  Darul Aman, and also distributed the posters in all these places. We continued the efforts not only in Peshawar but also in Mardan, several villages in and near Peshawar, and also in the district of Malakand.

We also printed the news with Shafi’s picture in 3 leading newspapers of the city: Aaj and Express News on 28th December, and In Mashriq on 29th December. Television channels were informed too and the news was broadcasted through many TV channels like Z.K. cables (covering all KPK). We also adcertised in the cable networks covering Shergarh, Butkhela, Sakhakot, Malakand, Dargai and also three cable networks covering Swat. The news was spread along with the picture through facebook too.

Initially, our perception was that Shafi is found by someone who don’t know who to approach to send her back home but it seems that we were at fault.  A vendor girl who sometimes comes to our area too and is familiar with Shafi reported that she saw her walking in Patang Chowk (which is not very far from where we live) with a man, two days after Shafi went missing. She said that when Shafi saw me she came to me, held my hand and smiled at me, as she always does. The man reached for her and told her to keep going as it was getting late. The girl was under the impression that this man was Shafi’s father so took no notice of the incident. It was almost a week after this incident that she visited our area and came to know that Shafi is missing.

In the last two months, we have left no stone unturned to find Shafi. Whatever resources we could exploit, we did, but we have reached a stage now where each family member is drained of energy. My children, my husband, and I, everyone is in agony. We feel ourselves lost and don’t see any ray of hope. With Shafi lost, none of the family members is physically or mentally strong. The entire family is in sheer pain and desperation. I don’t know what lies ahead and for how long we have to carry on in such anguish and misery.
 I, a miserable mother of the unfortunate girl, ask for help! Please help me find my daughter. We are going through hell and the suffering is simply unbearable. Please help us find Shafi!

Mrs. Ulfat Azhar
Mother of Amtul Shafi

 Bio data of Amtul Shafi            
Full name :                           Amtul Shafi Siddiqa
CNIC (Natinal ID No.):      17301-4654481—8
Father’s Name:                   Qazi Azhar Anwar
CNIC No. :                        17301-6814966-7
Mother’s Name:                  Ulfat Azhar
CNIC No. :                        17301-6814966-7
Age:                                    25 Years
Mental Age :                       5-6 Years
Height:                                5’-2”
Language:                           Pushto
Appearance:                      Very innocent, appears to be no more than a 15 year old.
No. of Siblings:                   Has 3 sisters and 1 brother.
Personality:                        Very friendly and sociable
Qualities:                           Truthfulness, love for God, modesty
Physical Health:                 Epilepsy (by birth), Cataract (by birth)
Mental Health:                   Has special needs and is mentally under developed.
Her mental age,                 According  to doctors, is 5-6 years.
Address:                          Qazi Azhar Anwar, Inqilab street afghan colony, Peshawar

Phone numbers:

0305 551 5232 (Brother)
0342-9092454 (Father)
0333-9353713 (Cousin)
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