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Friday, 17 May 2013

Date Sheet for B . A/B . S c /BTh/B . Sc Nursing Part - I & II Regular, Late College Students & Private Candidates Annual Examination, 201 3, (Updated: 15-05-2013)


University of Peshawar at Glance:

1.Date of EstablishmentOct 30,1950
2.Total Covered Area (in Acres)1045
3.Faculty houses of various Categories196
4.Academic Faculties06
5.Post-graduate Departments/Institute30
6.Constituent Colleges04
7.Federal Centres of Excellence05
8.Constituent High Schools02
9.Existing Enrollement12151
10.Overall Students Enrollment including Pivate Students104,479
11.Population of the Campus :(approx)
Including staff & students
Teaching Faculty557
Teaching Faculty with Ph.D182
Faculty Pursuing Higher Qualification (Abroad)26
Seminar / Conference / Workshop234

Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah the founder of Pakistan adopts education in N-W.F.P:

The British kept putting off the request of raising Islamia College to a university. The University had to wait till Independence in 1947. The great Quaid visited the College for the first time in 1928 and so fell in love with it that he would refer to it as ‘My College’ and adopted it as one of the three heirs to his rich fortune, along with Aligarh University and Sindh Madrassa (his own school) in 1939 University Map

University came as a trophy from Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah to the students of the province, in recognition of the part played by them in the making of Pakistan. At Islamia College on 12th April 1948, he said: “On this occasion the thing uppermost in my mind is the help that came to the movement and achievement of Pakistan from the students community, particularly from this Province. May I say that you played your part magnificently” and “Let me tell you that nothing is dearer to my heart than to have a university in the North-West Frontier Province from where the rays of learning and culture will spread through-out the Middle East and Central Asia. I, therefore, fully sympathise with your aspirations in this behalf and, provided you go the right way about it, you will get your university sooner than you can imagine”

The dream of the founders flowered and a broad-based, multi-disciplinary educational institution came into existence in 1951. The very complexion and spectrum of the University of Peshawar was overwhelming--education right from KG to Ph.D in a large variety of subjects from sciences, social sciences, technologies and professions on one integrated campus.

Executive Summary:

The University of Peshawar, as a mother educational institution of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is an outcome of the dream of the father of the nation and was created as the firjst ever University after independence. It is vigorously working with its full zeal and spirit, truly serving and sacred cause of education altogether.
The University of Peshawar, being a mother Institution of the Khyber Pahtunkhwa is catering for the academic needs of Peshawar but also of the whole province and Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA). The highly qualified and trained faculty, student friendly and supportive administration, modern curricula, conducive academic environment and excellent infrastructure are the hallmarks of the University. Its role in political, industrial and government leadership is recognized. The University has an over whelming contribution in bringing positive changes in the society.
The total regular students enrollment of the University during the academic year 2010-2011 was 12,151, comprising of  557 at inter program, 5376 at undergraduate, 5,109 Masters, 713 MS/M.Phil and 396 at PhD. level.
The University continues to support the faculty development through scholarships for higher studies under both for inland and abroad categories. During the year 2010-11 three scholars have been recommended for studies abroad.
Besides, teaching and assessment, University is enormously contributing to research and development. During the year 2010-11 around 27 journals, 24 books, 133 conference papers, 90 Research Projects were geteded by the faculty members and 708 publications were published. The University organized 234 conferences.

Achievement during 2010-2011:

  1. 31 new Academic B.S Four Years degree programmes were introduced.
  2. The construction of 80 houses has been finalized.
  3. In JCW and Home Economics College B.S four years Degree Programs were introduced.
  4. Construction work on Court Squash Complex in the University has been finalized.
  5. A new youth hostel has been constructed for sports official and players during different sports events.
  6. Modern sewerage system has been made functional in the University due to which the problem of sewerage has been totally solved.
  7. 1134 students of various departments were financially supported on account of natural calamities including security problems in affected areas.
  8. New academic block-1 has been completed to which from the last 1 year 9 departments have been shifted and the academic programs over there are in full swing.
  9. The new academic block is equipped with all the facilities of the modern day.
  10. The construction work on academic block-II is being done and from the next session 14 other departments will be shifted to it. After its Completion University will be able to accommodate 3000 more students.
  11. For Housing Society of University employees land has been acquired near Azakhel (185.5 Acre land). Where University employees have been allotted plots on easy installments. Developmental works on the society is in progress. Moreover for establishment of new campus at the same premise is in progress.
  12. More than 153 teachers have been either recruited or appointed against higher grades.
  13. A community center has been constructed for the Christian community.
  14. 2 new mosques have been constructed.
  15. A facility of a family park has been provided to the University public.
  16. Renovation and repair work in houses, colleges, departments and offices have been carried out.
  17. Parking Sheds have been created in almost every department for employees, teaching staff and students.
  18. To overcome the effect of load shading on the campus, Generators to Hostels and Academic Institutes have been provided at the cost of 56.26 million.
  19. New Courses have been imparted in syllabus of the courses including Plasma Physics which has been for the very 1st time introduced in any University in Pakistan. All the courses have been updated keeping in view the modern age technologies and research.
  20. New PBX exchange has been installed in the University.
  21. Heavy plantation of various species has been added to the already green campus of the University.
  22. With the help of Pre-Step, USAID B.ED (Honors) degree has been started in the Institute of Education and Research.
  23. All libraries are mostly computerized.
  24. 4 New buses have been purchased for the University Transport Pool at the cost of Rs.19.08 millions.
  25. A beautiful building for Pashto Cultural Museum is completed.
  26. A new Book Store and a pharmacy store have been created in the University. Testing Labs have also been established.
  27. University Degree has been computerized and all the old record is gradually in the process of computerization.


The academic programmes of the University of Peshawar are run by a teaching faculty of 447of various cadres, of which 84 are Professors. The University has six academic faculties: 1.Arts & Humanities 2. Islamic & Oriental Studies. 3 Life & Environmental Sciences. 4. Management & Information Science. 5. Numerical & Physical Sciences and 6.Social Sciences. and an Academy of Pashto Languag & Literature, Centres of Excellence in Geology, Physical Chemistry, Islamic Centre, Area Study Centre, Pakistan Study Centre. Besides , teh University of Peshawar has a Central Resource Laboratory, Nuclear Medicine Research Labortory (NMRL) a Computer Centre; a Central Library with a collection of over 2000,000, Books. One college for men, and women college of Home economics, and two secondry schools.
The University of Peshawar is a unique institution where educational facilities exist from nursery to Ph.D. Having demonstrated excellence in almost all disciplines, both in terms of teaching and research, the University of Peshawar has over the years attained the credit of being one of the significant universities in the Pakistan. It has academic links with numerous international research and academic institutions, including.
  • University of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA
  • Utah State University, Logan, USA
  • University of Exeter, UK
  • Hiroshima University, Japan
  • University of Glasgow, UK

Examination Datesheets

Date Sheet for B . A/B . S c /BTh/B . Sc Nursing Part - I & II Regular, Late College Students & Private Candidates Annual Examination, 201 3, (Updated: 15-05-2013)

BA-BSc Annual Examination 2013 Date Sheet in PDF Format: Click here to download

Prof.Dr. Rashid khan
Controller of Examinations
University of Peshawar
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