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Monday, 4 February 2013


One sick person in an office infects more than 50 percent co-employees, research

TUSCON, Arizona: Scientists has discovered that even one sick person in an office could transfer same infection to more than half of the co-employees by virus through touching surfaces includes telephones, desktops, photocopier, lift buttons, office fridge, etc.
The university’s scientists with Kelly Reynolds, UA associate professor of public health at the university and Charles Gerba, co-principal investigator had conducted a survey on the people of offices having isolated environment.
According to the researchers, they observed that the employees faced more than 40-90 percent chances of transferred infection with one of the three viruses far more likely from ‘touching surfaces’ rather than someone sneezing and coughing around them.
The researchers suggest that it is better to stay at home as precaution while having any virus. But simple interventions such as hand wash, anti septic hand gels, wiping your hands and face with tissues before taking meal could reduce the risk of infection up to 80%.
The study was conducted in an office among 80 participants, while one of them unknowingly received a droplet containing artificial virus germs of flu.
Employees were instructed to continue their office work as per routine. After about four hours, researchers took samples of commonly touched surfaces in the office, resultantly found that more than 50% surfaces and co-employees were infected with the virus.
They also noted the 10% reduction in infection risk when the employees were provided that antiseptic hand washes and tissues to wash their hands before taking any meal and meeting with other people.
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